Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tears, laughter, and a little bit of Graphic Design

Man, it has been a crazazy day for me (yes, I said crazazy. That's how I rizoll.) I've been working on three different projects today because I took the day off yesterday to read through a wonderful blog called My Semblance of Sanity written by Michelle Brownlow. Michelle is a SAHM (stay at home mommy), writer, and illustrator (how does she do it?) who writes super duper funny stories about her kids' antics and how she deals with them. I'm totally addicted and highly recommend checking it out!

Her blog is not all about laughter, though. There is a really touching, sad, and amazing story to be read. Through her blog, she met another mom who had a little boy named Julian who was fighting brain cancer. Together she and other mommy bloggers got together and raised over 2,000 for that family in part by selling a piece of cheese (you heard me...). They also organized a prayer and fasting day and touched so many lives with his story. Julian lost his battle with brain cancer on January 19th of this year. He was 4 years old. (Crying again...does anyone have any kleenexes they can loan me?)

Recently Michelle started selling her beautiful illustrations on her blog with half of the proceeds going to pediatric cancer charities. Here is some of the work she has done:

Michelle is looking to expand this vision and is starting an organization called 4 The Kids which will have her art as well as other handmade products for sale with half going to charity. We were so honored to created her ad this week for that organization. Here it is (click to go to her store-front where you can purchase cards of the images you see in the ad):


I'm adding the ad to my sidebar so return often to see what else she is up to!

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JLC Studio said...

The ad turned out soooo great!! This little guys story is so sad :( but Michelle is awesome for doing what she does!!