Friday, May 16, 2008

Some laughter for you

Have you ever encountered a social situation where you really wanted to say something to someone but didn't have the guts? Your problems are solved! ScotiaMade on Etsy has created a line of notecards that can be handed to someone or left on a poorly parked car to let those people know just how you feel. How many of you would have the guts to hand one of these to someone? I'd like to say I would but probably not!

They have several different versions, ranging from 'PG' to 'Adult'. Here are the 'PG' versions:

ScotiaMade has so many other hilarious products in their shop. There are great greeting cards, notepads, and gift tags, all with cheeky animals saying what you wish you could but won't. Here is another of my favorite groups:

I'll be posting later today about WWGs but I couldn't not share these with you!


diana @ please sir said...

Haha - good laugh! Thanks for your zoo comment - loved it!

JLC Studio said...

LOVE these!!!! I totally crack up every time I read them (and I know some people who could use the parking card ones-and no, I'm not referring to myself!)