Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally Some Graphic Design!

It's been a while since I've showed you what we've been up to in Wildwood Girls and that's primarily because we've been a little sidetracked these past few weeks. We were forced to put almost everything aside as Jen's jewelry show loomed. Now that it's over, we're getting back into the swing of things. Here are two projects that we completed recently.

This first banner was for an Etsy shop that sells lovely little polymer clay pendants. Her shop name is BeesCreations so the obvious choice was to feature a bee! She wanted a classy bee rather than a cutesy one which proved to be a bit of a challenge. Here's how it turned out:

Here is the avatar that goes with it:

The other project that we finished was for an animated ad for Unquiet Design on Etsy. She was so easy to work with because she had a clear idea in her head of what she wanted. She already had a banner and font she liked so she wanted to use those elements to create her ad. Here's how it turned out:

That's it for now. Stay tuned for some custom banners we've been working on as well as some handmade gift boxes for jewelry featuring Amy Butler paper!

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

5 Things I Love Thursday

Recently I was introduced to the incredible world of Amy Butler (I realize most of the people who read my blog have known about her a lot longer than I have). For those of you who don't know who she is, you are missing out! She has become my very favorite textile designer ever. I really love everything she comes up with and love all the ways the artists on Etsy have come up with to showcase her versatile designs (my sister and I have even been using her paper line to create customized gift boxes that we will be listing on our shop soon!) Here are some of my favorite Amy Butler featured products:

My sister recently purchased a headband made from Amy Butler fabric on Etsy and I love it so much I have contemplated stealing it and telling her I have no idea what happened to it...since I love my sister, I won't do that. I will instead find one I love!

Fuschia and Green Gothic Rose Headband by Precocious

I really think I would carry around a purse the size of a trash bag if it was socially acceptable. The bigger the better I say. This one is big and beautiful.

French Style Purse by thepickledpepper

I love the way this artist uses the textiles to create a whole new image. So cute!

Steggy the Dino T-Shirt by threelittlepeas

I recently featured another apron on my 5 Things I Love Thursdays. I think I love this one even more! I love how vintage it feels while still remaining modern by using the Amy Butler print.

The CHLOE Vintage Inspired AMY BUTLER Blue Wall Flower Full Apron by Boojiboo

I'm currently potty training my two year old so I hope in the near millennium to not need to bring diapers with me anymore. Until that comes to pass, I love this stylish way to carry diapers and wipes around. And, it could totally transform into a cute little purse when the diapers aren't needed anymore (whenever that might be).

Sling Bag/Diaper Buddy by thepickledpepper

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Beam off!

I'm totally fascinated by installations and ideas that get the public involved with the art process. Here is one called ACCESS that allows people to use and online interface to follow people with a beam of light and acoustic system in a public place.

You have to wonder what the people who are being followed are thinking. I personally would freak out!

Monday, May 26, 2008

What a weekend!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend (or for those of you not in the states, a happy weekend).  Mine was very busy and eventful. My sister had her very first jewelry show at the Randolph Street Antique Market, which I helped her with.

Everything went really well. Jen had everything set up before the show but there were a few things we had to finish up on Friday including making this:

That's right. We're awesome. We mounted those hooks on the board all by ourselves (hey, I'm not the most handy person in the world so I'm allowed to be proud!) We got there early Saturday morning to set up. It helped that she had everything worked out as to where she wanted it.

We had a great day hanging out and selling jewelry. She did really well, especially with her Mussel Shell line. Check out her shop here: JLCStudio Jewelry. Despite the giant sunburns we got, we can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

5 Things I Love

This Thursday's 5 Things is all about dads. If you want to order something on Etsy for your dad, now is a good time to do it since you know it will arrive on time.

It may be harder to find good products for men on Etsy but if you take the time, there is a wealth of amazing artistry to be found! Here are some of my picks:

The first is a pocket journal from an amazing leather shop I found. Many of the journals and portfolios in this shop are expensive (but still incredibly beautiful). This pocket version is a great value and a great size!

Pocket Journal by ArtisanGraham

I've heard an argument that cuff-links are becoming obsolete and unnecessary (my husband doesn't own a single pair). I think if cuff links were as interesting and stylish as these men would wear them a lot more.

Steampunk Vintage RUBY Jeweled Watch Movement Cuff Links by edmdesigns

I'm the youngest of two girls so I've always been the "baby" of the family. I could totally see this print representing the bond I have with my dad, especially since it's called "Daddy's Little Girl". Notice that the two trees are holding hands (awww).

"Daddy's Little Girl" Print by jellybeans

Believe it or not, this wallet is made out of tape! You can create a customized wallet using a ton of different tape options and patterns (who knew tape came in so many colors!) The wallets look like they are very roomy and work great.

The Custom Stuffer--7 pocket wallet--you decide what it looks like by tapebubba

I'm forever looking for nice argyle shirts and sweaters for my husband. Loving this one!

The Mechanics Argyle by HagadagaClothing

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Waldo? Where??

Here is an interesting way someone is using Google Earth:

Ok, so the whole interview with Waldo thing is a little corny but the project itself is so original! Melanie Cole created this idea for her Graduation Project in college (she got an A!). You can find out more here: Where on Earth is Waldo?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Me Boss

I just had my role as a "boss" explained through the eyes of a 5 year old. It was very enlightening.

P was explaining to his 2 year old sister why she isn't the boss. This was his explaination:

"You don't clean up, you take toys out. You don't watch boring movies or scary movies. To be a boss you have to be a mom and you don't do any of that."

Ah, the wisdom of youth...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Some laughter for you

Have you ever encountered a social situation where you really wanted to say something to someone but didn't have the guts? Your problems are solved! ScotiaMade on Etsy has created a line of notecards that can be handed to someone or left on a poorly parked car to let those people know just how you feel. How many of you would have the guts to hand one of these to someone? I'd like to say I would but probably not!

They have several different versions, ranging from 'PG' to 'Adult'. Here are the 'PG' versions:

ScotiaMade has so many other hilarious products in their shop. There are great greeting cards, notepads, and gift tags, all with cheeky animals saying what you wish you could but won't. Here is another of my favorite groups:

I'll be posting later today about WWGs but I couldn't not share these with you!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

5 Things I Love

It's Thursday (is it seriously Thursday already? What happened to the other four days of the week??) so it's time once again for Things I Love. Last week I showcased some things I would love to buy for my daughter on Etsy. This week, it's only fitting that I do the same for my son! 

My five year old boy is obsessed with superheroes. I'm not talking just likes them and has fun playing with them, I'm talking full on obsession. When a new movie comes out, he is first in line to see it. When a new toy comes out, he is begging us to buy it for him (and usually gets what he wants. Can you say S-P-O-I-L-E-D?). He doesn't have one imaginary friend, he has twenty, a different superhero coming over to play each day. Needless to say, this post is all about the fun superhero handmade items to be found on Etsy. So get out your web shooters and batarangs and enjoy!

P's very favorite superhero is Spiderman. He sometimes favors another over him depending on what movie is coming out (right now it's Iron Man) but he always seems to come back to Spidey in the end. These first two finds are dedicated to that love.

The first is a custom wooden wall hanging that would be perfect for a door or bedroom wall. These are painted by hand and every aspect can be customized, down to the character used.

Handpainted Wooden Cut-Out Door/Wall Name Sign by FANTASYCREATIONS

The next find is something that every kid can use. A nightlight (heck, I could use one sometimes!). I have unfortunately passed on my childhood fear of the dark to both of my children. P would never have to worry about it with this cool nightlight in his room. Monsters, beware!

Spider Man Shadow lamp New From Shadowland Night Light Amazing by CreativePal

I'm still trying to decide if P is too old for this next Favorite. He still loves to pretend and dress up, but he's not my little baby anymore :-(. I still think this is cool. These capes are two toned and can be customized with your child's first initial.

Little Heroes Customizable Cape for Boy or Girl by DiscoveryDenim

The end of this summer brings school (and first grade for P) but also the new Batman movie. We are already psyched up for it. This print of Batman is so cool and would fit right in with P's room decor (Spiderman, Transformers, Iron Man...). Love it!

The Bat-Man by TimmyK

The last is probably more for me. I love this shirt! P would probably think it was nice but there isn't any pictures of superheroes on it... In any case, I think this is a great shirt that is original and fun!

ZAP Raglan T-shirt by trustysidekick

Well I'm off to find Rhino and Sandman...again. Have a great night!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Logo Lovin'

Recently I've started reading a lot of blogs, mainly because of my sister. She has a knack for finding interesting and informative blogs that are entertaining as well. One of the blogs I am loving the most right now is called Logo Design Love.

When I was a graphic design student in college, one of the very first things we learned about was logos. Logos are the first thing someone sees about a business and are responsible for creating the mood and giving the first impression about that business. A good logo can draw someone in and inversely, a bad logo can turn them away. I am still learning what goes into creating a truly great logo so that's why this blog is a great resource.

David Airey, the creator of this blog (and also author of the wonderful blog showcases all different kinds of logos, has great information about how iconic logos such as Shell and Ford were created, and has even had a contest for the best blog logos (the logos I included above are some of the winners).

Enjoy this great blog...I'm off to wonder if our logo measures up...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Trash as art

Happy Monday, all! I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!

Today I want to share with you the work of Joshua Allen Harris. Joshua creates 'air sculptures' using trash bags and subway vents in New York City (who knew there was that much air coming out of subway vents! Girls in skirts, beware). Check out his awesome work!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I'd like to dedicate this next post to one of the most talented women I have ever mom! My momma has been sewing (cross stitch, hardanger, lots of other stitching that I don't know the names of) for longer than I've been alive. She makes the most beautiful samplers and pieces just for the love of doing it. She has been trying in vain to get me interested in stitching for years. Sorry for all of the unfinished projects, mom!

I want to share some of her work with you. This is only a fraction of what she has done (basically what she has had time to photograph and put up on flickr). Enjoy the beauty and Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers! Happy Mother's Day to you, Mom. I love you! (also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEN!!!)

This one is my favorite. It's also mine!! She was working on this when she was pregnant with me. It's currently living with her because I had it at one of our apartments and somehow managed to break the frame off of it. Needless to say, she's taking care of it until I can be a little more responsible.

This one was hanging in my and my sister's room when we were growing up. It's so cute!

I love this sampler! It's hanging in my mom and dad's living room. I love the colors and especially the fact that she chose something other than white to create it on.

This one is also hanging in their living room. You could honestly stare at this piece for hours and not see everything.

This is a piece she did for my mother-in-law when my father-in-law passed away recently. It is sooo beautiful and delicate!

This next set is all one piece and the pictures do not do it justice. This is a nativity scene she did a long time ago. I think my sister and I are already fighting over it!

This only scratches the surface of her huge body of work (she was knitting a blanket last night!). Maybe this will be part 1 :-)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

5 Things I Love

As a mother of a two year old princess girl, it's my job to shop for her, right? At least that's what I tell myself. I can't go into stores like Target and Kohls without coming out with a cute little outfit for her. That's why it is very dangerous for me to shop on Etsy for her. I just can't help myself. Do you think they have LGCAA (little girl clothing-aholics anonymous)? 

Here are a few things I would choose for her on Etsy:

I'm loving the summery feel of this dress. I also love that it can go from being a cute little summer dress to a top as she grows up. The monogram is even customizable!

I can totally see this painting hanging in C's room. How sweet!

I've been a fan of these hats for a while. I would totally get her and me matching you think that would be weird?

Flower Beanie with Brim by NuxieMade

In my opinion, every little girl has to have a shelf in her room filled with cute little figurines and curios (just don't let her sister swing a stuffed animal into it and break everything on it...but I digress). These would go perfectly! While I think they are too fragile to play with, being made from polymer clay, they are just too cute to pass up!

Owl Couple by IttyBittiesForYou

I'm currently trying to grow my daughter's hair out. We've resisted the urge to chop her some bangs so it's been a long road of ponytails, pigtails, and "hair pretties" as she calls them. She's just about ready to go without anything in her hair but who wouldn't want these! This whole shop is filled with the cutest hair accessories for little girls and even some for big ones. Check it out!

Covered Button Clippie Set - Brown and Blue by girleegirls