Thursday, May 29, 2008

5 Things I Love Thursday

Recently I was introduced to the incredible world of Amy Butler (I realize most of the people who read my blog have known about her a lot longer than I have). For those of you who don't know who she is, you are missing out! She has become my very favorite textile designer ever. I really love everything she comes up with and love all the ways the artists on Etsy have come up with to showcase her versatile designs (my sister and I have even been using her paper line to create customized gift boxes that we will be listing on our shop soon!) Here are some of my favorite Amy Butler featured products:

My sister recently purchased a headband made from Amy Butler fabric on Etsy and I love it so much I have contemplated stealing it and telling her I have no idea what happened to it...since I love my sister, I won't do that. I will instead find one I love!

Fuschia and Green Gothic Rose Headband by Precocious

I really think I would carry around a purse the size of a trash bag if it was socially acceptable. The bigger the better I say. This one is big and beautiful.

French Style Purse by thepickledpepper

I love the way this artist uses the textiles to create a whole new image. So cute!

Steggy the Dino T-Shirt by threelittlepeas

I recently featured another apron on my 5 Things I Love Thursdays. I think I love this one even more! I love how vintage it feels while still remaining modern by using the Amy Butler print.

The CHLOE Vintage Inspired AMY BUTLER Blue Wall Flower Full Apron by Boojiboo

I'm currently potty training my two year old so I hope in the near millennium to not need to bring diapers with me anymore. Until that comes to pass, I love this stylish way to carry diapers and wipes around. And, it could totally transform into a cute little purse when the diapers aren't needed anymore (whenever that might be).

Sling Bag/Diaper Buddy by thepickledpepper

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JLC Studio said...

I love me some Amy Butler...cute finds!

Remember though, I know where you live...LOL!