Thursday, May 8, 2008

5 Things I Love

As a mother of a two year old princess girl, it's my job to shop for her, right? At least that's what I tell myself. I can't go into stores like Target and Kohls without coming out with a cute little outfit for her. That's why it is very dangerous for me to shop on Etsy for her. I just can't help myself. Do you think they have LGCAA (little girl clothing-aholics anonymous)? 

Here are a few things I would choose for her on Etsy:

I'm loving the summery feel of this dress. I also love that it can go from being a cute little summer dress to a top as she grows up. The monogram is even customizable!

I can totally see this painting hanging in C's room. How sweet!

I've been a fan of these hats for a while. I would totally get her and me matching you think that would be weird?

Flower Beanie with Brim by NuxieMade

In my opinion, every little girl has to have a shelf in her room filled with cute little figurines and curios (just don't let her sister swing a stuffed animal into it and break everything on it...but I digress). These would go perfectly! While I think they are too fragile to play with, being made from polymer clay, they are just too cute to pass up!

Owl Couple by IttyBittiesForYou

I'm currently trying to grow my daughter's hair out. We've resisted the urge to chop her some bangs so it's been a long road of ponytails, pigtails, and "hair pretties" as she calls them. She's just about ready to go without anything in her hair but who wouldn't want these! This whole shop is filled with the cutest hair accessories for little girls and even some for big ones. Check it out!

Covered Button Clippie Set - Brown and Blue by girleegirls


Jane said...

We could make a dozen of those dresses in a day if you wanted to. We wouldn't even need a pattern. The monogram would be a little harder.

By the way, the shelf wasn't attached properly so it wasn't the sisters fault (and C doesn't even have a sister!). LOL


Wildwood Girls said...

I agree that it's a simple pattern but I think part of the charm is the fabrics she chose and the monogram, which makes it special. I really like all of her fabric combinations in her shop.

As for the sister, she didn't have to be swinging the stuffed cat by the tail while jumping on the bed right next to the shelf:-) But it's forgiven.

JLC Studio said...

Ok now, i don't even think the whole "shelf incident" was totally the big sisters' fault! And I believe she may have lost some precious figurines in the disaster as well. What else is a big sister good for than to boss her little sis around and break her things occasionally??