Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Logo Lovin'

Recently I've started reading a lot of blogs, mainly because of my sister. She has a knack for finding interesting and informative blogs that are entertaining as well. One of the blogs I am loving the most right now is called Logo Design Love.

When I was a graphic design student in college, one of the very first things we learned about was logos. Logos are the first thing someone sees about a business and are responsible for creating the mood and giving the first impression about that business. A good logo can draw someone in and inversely, a bad logo can turn them away. I am still learning what goes into creating a truly great logo so that's why this blog is a great resource.

David Airey, the creator of this blog (and also author of the wonderful blog davidairey.com) showcases all different kinds of logos, has great information about how iconic logos such as Shell and Ford were created, and has even had a contest for the best blog logos (the logos I included above are some of the winners).

Enjoy this great blog...I'm off to wonder if our logo measures up...


David said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm very glad you like my logo design blog, and hope the week's going well for you.

David Airey

JLC Studio said...

Very cool...and you found this one all on your own I might add!!!

Wildwood Girls said...

David - Any time! Keep up the wonderful work!

Jen - Yes but you found DavidAirey.com which in turn led me to this blog.