Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lego my Lego!

I have a secret. I love Legos! I pretend I don't when I'm spending hours putting together my son's newest set (he's 5 and not yet capable of following complex direction). In reality, I love creating something out of tons of tiny pieces and I feel so satisfied as I watch him play with my masterpiece. As I put together his measly little 200 piece set this weekend I got to thinking about all the amazing Lego art that is out there. I set off in search of pieces that made me go oooo. I had such a good time finding all of these and this is by no means all there is to see. The first three were created by Nathan Sawaya, genius in all things Lego. The Harpsichord was done by Henry Lim and is a full scale working model with only the strings not made of Legos. Others are fixtures at Lego establishments such as Downtown Disney in Orlando, FL and LegoLand.  Batman and the Death Star were part of Comic-Con 2007.  

Images courtesy of The Art of the Brick

Image courtesy of Henry Lim's Lego Sculptures

Images courtesy of AllEars.Net

Image Courtesy of Hellish Humor

Images courtesy of Great White Snark


Tizzalicious said...

I love lego too! I wish I had a kid so I would have an excuse to play with it!

My boyfriend is taking me to legoland soon! :D

Jane said...
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Jane said...

I love legos too, but years ago they didn't have intricate sets like they do now. You are lucky your son likes the complicated ones, but when he gets old enough to put his own legos together you will have to let go gracefully. Of course, by then your daughter may be into the girly sets!


Wildwood Girls said...

tizzalicious-This post proves you don't have to have a kid to play with legos! It does make a pretty convenient excuse, though :-). Have fun at LegoLand! That sounds like so much fun!

Jane-Gracefully? I'm going out kicking and screaming! Just kidding :-). Are there girly sets of legos? I generally think of legos as being geared towards boys. I think my daughter could definitely get into some Care Bear legos!

Michael Phipps said...

Wow, I LOVE these! That face peeking out of the block is great. I spent hours with Legos as a kid. I miss 'em!