Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are you a color lover?

One of the first things we do when we start designing something is come up with a color scheme. This can prove to be a challenge at times because we often have to tweak the color many times before finding something that works together. That is why this website I'm going to share with you is so great.

Colour Lovers is a website where people can come up with and post palettes and patterns of colors that they feel go well together. It's a great resource when you've hit designers block (trust me, there is such a thing). Here are a few palettes and patterns I love.

Dorian Gray
saturday night
funeral dress
It's Madness!
Here are some examples of palettes:
fall 1
one fine morning
So there you have it. One of our secrets is yours for the taking. Enjoy!

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Jane said...

This will be great when I'm looking for colors for a sampler! Thank you.

(Do you like my new avatar? LOL)