Monday, June 2, 2008

Treasury love!

I finally got a Treasury! For those of you not familiar with Etsy or their Treasury, it is a way to share some of your favorite items on Etsy with its community. The only problem is they only allow you to create a new one when the amount of lists have dropped below 333. People literally calculate the exact moment this will happen and lay in wait to create their own lists. Today I got lucky and happened onto the Treasury just before it opened up and I got my own! I decided to go with Superheroes since I had found so many great products while I was searching for my 5 favorite things recently. So here it is: Superpowers!


diana @ please sir said...

What a neat idea - love your catagory! Thanks for your comment on the Living post - I wish you luck on your future shop - you guys are so talented and can do it!

JLC Studio said...

Yay!! Love this treasury sis!